Thank you so much for choosing us for your photo session! Below are some tips to help you prepare for the shoot. Please let us know if you have any questions we did not cover in this guide. We are very excited to work together, see you soon!


Our sessions are very laid back! We will basically spend an hour walking around the location with you, chatting, getting to know each other, and photographing you along the way. As we walk, we will observe the light and surroundings, choosing areas that will work best for photos! 

how will we know what to do?

We will direct you by giving you prompts, or actions to work through. Don’t worry, the actions are simple and easy to do! For example: “hold hands and walk” is usually the first one that we do. Over the years, we have compiled a list of actions that include silly, romantic, fun, weird, etc. 

what if we are awkward?

Literally almost every couple we work with tells us they are the most awkward people ever and are not good at taking photos. We got you! Most people do start out a little nervous, but the actions we mentioned above will get you moving and focusing on each other. In just a few minutes, you will probably forget that you’re even getting your photo taken. Our goal is for you to have fun and connect with each other.

choosing outfits

First and foremost, we want you to be comfortable and feel like YOU. Don’t wear something you would never wear in real life just because you’re getting photo taken! If you’re uncomfortable, it will end up affecting how you feel and will show in the final images.

We suggest having two outfits for your session, a more formal look and a more casual look.

Flowy garments work really well with movement!

One pattern + one solid make for visually interesting, yet balanced images.


Our favorite time to shoot is during evening golden hour, or the hour before sunset. During this time, there is a warm, glowy light that is super flattering and lends itself to our warm editing style. 

For you early-birds, there is also a morning golden hour! We have been doing more of these shoots recently and really enjoy them, so let us know if you’re up for it! Coffee required.


We absolutely love incorporating locations that are important to you as a couple, whether that is your home, a favorite bar, or the place you met. This can be very specific (our first kiss was on this bridge) or more general (we love to go hiking in the woods). 

Alyssa + Aaron

Alyssa + Aaron opted for a half city / half nature shoot and wanted to be sure to include their dog, wine, and snacks! 

Jenna + Mike

Jenna + Mike took us to their favorite bar, the spot they got engaged, and their favorite local park.


If you’re looking for a more scenic location, here are our recommendations in the Grand Rapids area! 

Please let us know if you need recommendations in other cities. If we have shot there before, we would love to send you some ideas!





What if it rains?

The one thing we definitely cannot control is the weather, especially in Michigan.  


We are game to shoot in the rain if you are! We bring a small, clear bubble umbrella with us to every session. This makes for really cute photos!

Indoor options?

Moving the session to your home is always a fun option! Otherwise, we do not have a studio, but with advanced notice we can rent one for an additional fee.


We are very flexible with rescheduling sessions because of rain. Feel free to email or text us if the weather isn't looking good and we can come up with a plan!

After the SESSION

The night of the session, we will download and back up all of your photos, then excitedly look through them and choose one or two to post online as a sneak peek! Be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss it!

2 weeks later, we will e-mail your final gallery (75-100 images). This gallery will stay published for 1 year and includes a download in hi-resolution (images sized 11″x14″) and low resolution (images for sharing online). You will also have the option to purchase prints, canvases, and custom cards through your gallery.

Please download your images and feel free to print your photos from the hi-resolution download, as printing rights are also included!