Andrea + Marc

Norton Shores, Michigan Intimate Wedding: Andrea + Marc

After multiple reschedules and location changes, Andrea and Marc decided to have an intimate ceremony on the lake with family only. After dealing with so much stress and constant changes, they had yet to find a photographer for their new plan. Andrea’s best friend Lisa found us and gifted them our photography services for their day! During that meeting, Lisa told us about another surprise she was planning- that all of Andrea’s close friends would quarantine and travel to the wedding, surprising her while she was getting ready! This meant that we needed to arrive early for photography and keep everything a secret! So exciting, yet so nerve-racking. 

When I arrived that morning, I acted like we arrived an hour early out of sheer excitement for the day, which wasn’t a total lie, but I was the only one in that house who knew what was about to happen! Not 5 minutes later, Andrea’s friends came bursting through the front door, cheering and dancing with bottles of champagne. Andrea was completely and utterly surprised, crying happy tears and laughing while I held the tears back myself. It was one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever witnessed. Andrea continued to get ready (now with her best gals by her side), while Marc and his family set up for the reception across the lake. After her sister and nieces helped her into her dress, everyone headed down to the waterfront for the intimate ceremony.

The rest of the wedding, including the ceremony, was full of surprises. Marc pulled out a thermometer and pretended to take Andrea’s temperature right before their first kiss. Table settings and food had already been arranged for all the extra guests. Andrea did an epic outfit change. Marc’s sisters printed a giant banner announcing the newlyweds and attached it to the boat that they took over to the reception. We were welcomed into this group with such open arms and could not be more grateful that they (and Lisa) chose us to document such a special day.